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Civil / Commercial Mediation

Commercial Mediation

Providing professional mediation to help resolve civil or commercial disputes.

Family Mediation

Family Mediation

Assisting those involved in a family breakdown to make decisions that really matter.

Welcome to Align Mediation

When you are looking for some expert help to settle a dispute, Align Mediation can provide a range of mediation services throughout England and Wales. We are a full service mediation provider with the ability to help you resolve all types of dispute (including civil/commercial, family and workplace) through our panel of accredited independent mediators.

Mediation services is a form of dispute resolution which involves a mediator sitting with those involved in a dispute and working with them in helping to reach an agreed resolution. One of the key features of the process is that it allows the parties themselves to decide the outcome of the dispute rather than it being made for them. The mediator acts as an independent/neutral third party and their role is to guide and manage the discussions between the parties in helping them reach a joint decision.

The process is significantly cheaper, quicker and less stressful than normal court proceedings and yet completely confidential. Any agreement reached still has the same legally binding effect as a court ruling.

Whether the dispute involves complex commercial issues, a dispute between family members or those in the workplace, we at Align Mediation have it covered through our panel of multi disciplined and specially trained mediators.