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“I feel Align Mediation produced a first class mediation course which is totally relevant to both commercial and personal relations. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with people of widely different ages, background and employment. The course has wide appeal to anyone considering a change of career or enhancing their job prospects within their chosen field. I have no hesitation in recommending this course.”

Tom Bish (Solicitor) Dorset

“The 5 day course I attended in May 2014 worked really well. The small, tight knit group made the course very enjoyable and our trainer was fantastic, she had huge knowledge and was able to give us anecdotes of real life examples. The course was great value for money and we came away with a fully accredited qualification. I’m now getting good support from Align in finding real work and I’m looking forward to becoming a successful mediator in my own right. It’s very exciting.”

Julie Mitchell (Retired Solicitor) Gloucestershire

“I found the Align mediation course very professional. The trainer was great, he made learning about the mediation process very interesting, interactive and enjoyable. It also helped to be surrounded by a great group of students and we all learnt from each other. I am now looking forward to continue in progressing my career change.”

Daniel Bianco (Charity Fundraiser) Hove

“I chose Align Mediation to do the accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator Qualification as it offered great value for money at a convenient location. The 5 day course was taught by an experienced mediator who mixed lecture and practice opportunities and was fully interactive. The teaching was comprehensive and I was fully prepared for the assessment and for real life mediations. I would recommend anyone wishing to do the course to choose Align.”

Marcus Keppel-Palmer (University Law Lecturer) Bristol

“An excellent course with brilliant trainers! I thoroughly enjoyed the methodological approach employed and would highly recommend it. Most competitively priced of all, it is qualitatively the best and a great asset to my legal knowledge. Thanks to Align Mediation, I have not only become an accredited civil/commercial mediator but a better human being as well…”

Radhika Khanna (Law Graduate) Sheffield

“I thought that the overall structure and organisation of the course was very professional and effective. There was a healthy mix of lectures and interactive sessions which made every day extremely enjoyable. The interactive sessions were particularly useful as they provided plenty of opportunities to practice our newly acquired skills.”

Dominik Morton (Law Student) Bristol

“Align’s Civil/Commercial mediation training course was very well structured and helped build & develop my skills. The course provided a fantastic space in which to learn and the tutor was enthusiastic, making me want to engage with the course even more. As a result of this course I am now a fully accredited civil/commercial mediator and this has provided me with many opportunities. I am now on the panel of mediators at Align Mediation, I have been able to join a variety of mediation panels for whom I can mediate for, and I have even been able to set up my own mediation company. All off this would not have been possible without Align Mediation. I would recommend this course to everyone as the skills I have learnt here are invaluable.”

Alexander Gummery (Law Student) Bristol

“I cannot recommend the Align Mediation training course highly enough. The content of the course was extremely informative and the trainer was outstanding. The venue was great and the whole atmosphere was conducive to learning. The price is certainly right too. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to take their first steps in mediation.”

Lee Whitehead (Legal Costs Draftsman) Carlisle

“I am now an accredited civil/commercial mediator thanks to the amazing course by Align Mediation. The week’s course encompassed a great mixture of pratical and theoretical sessions and was easy to comprehend and engage with. This is a great course for those wishing to progress in their careers or change their careers altogether.”

Mamta Kudhail (Company Secretary)

“When I first enrolled onto the distance learning course, I was a bit apprehensive about what the experience would be like. I can honestly say my reservations were unfounded. The course content was clear, concise and easily digestible at your own pace. The assessment process was geared to self-learning and the support from all at Align Mediation was first class. I have no hesitation in recommending the course to anybody.”

Malcolm Crapper (Consultant) South Yorkshire

“I participated in the Distance Learning Civil / Commercial Mediation Training Programme. The distance learning option fitted in well with my other businesses and allowed me to progress through the work at a speed commensurate with my existing levels of experience. The Skype sessions were fun and fully interactive and I benefited from the individual feedback I received. The notes provided by Align Mediation included some ‘Top Tips’ to support those who are new to business generation and the course equates to 40 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).”

Chris Jones (Business Owner) London

“I completed the distance learning course in December 2015. I found the manuals very informative and helpful and the Skype sessions with my tutor were interesting and taught me a lot about handling a mediation situation. My final exam was facing two experienced mediators which I enjoyed very much and was pleased to learn I had passed the course as a result.”

Dorothy Pulsford-Harris (Solicitor) Norfolk

“I would highly recommend Align Mediation. The distance learning option provided a flexible approach to the training and the support provided from Harry as a mentor was second to none!”

Andrew Robinson (Chief Executive Officer) Oldham

“Informative, engaging and stimulating. There is a good balance of tuition and practical exercises and the course delivers the tools needed to conduct real life mediations with confidence.

Steve did an excellent job of delivering the course in a fun, relaxed and user-friendly way. Harry answered all our more practical questions about how to get into practice. The course is competitively priced, well-managed and in a good location with excellent facilities laid on.

The course introduces you to a wide range of interesting new people, all of whom you will know much better by the end! I am very glad I took this course as I have gained so much both personally and professionally by doing so and I would highly recommend Align to anyone looking to get into mediation.”

Laura Bailhache (Solicitor) Taunton

This challenging course in mediation was over 5 days and I learnt that no matter what the professional background of the person attending the course was, they had to start with an open mind to learn new skills. Very well taught with a very accessible tutor. Thank you.

Robina Moore (Safety and Security Advisor) Bath

I undertook the Align Mediation 5 day training in February 2016. The course was really interesting, very well presented and a really enjoyable experience. I feel well trained and confident to mediate now. I thoroughly recommend this training and look forward to putting it into practice.

Angela Lamb (NHS Executive Director) Durham

There’s more to mediation than meets the eye and Align Mediation will open your eyes. Align Mediation will teach you essential skills and techniques and help you to avoid pitfalls along the way. The course was presented in a friendly, informative and supportive manner by an excellent tutor. If you’re thinking of attending – go for it!

Michael Matthews (Barrister) Yorkshire

I have to say that your input throughout this process on the distance learning course has been brilliant. Great service, great feedback and always on hand to fit in the sessions at convenient times. I really do appreciate all of your assistance.

Stephen Pritchett (Barrister) Warrington

I chose Align Mediation to train as a Civil/Commercial mediator. The 5 days looked well structured, the course was competitively priced and was at a convenient location. The course, trainer and course provider were amazing. The training experienced was detailed, intense and sufficiently challenging on each day. The days progressed towards the final assessment on the 5th day and the structure and pace was quite demanding. The course was broad enough in the content and examples used appealed to a wide range of professionals. I have no hesitation in recommending this course as valuable and very worthwhile in all respects.

Gill Thomas (Headteacher) Essex

The Align Civil/Commercial course in Oxford had the very desirable combination of good organisation in agreeable surroundings, highly interesting, challenging and relevant content and all given by a very knowledgeable and likeable instructor. The quality and enjoyment were greatly enhanced by the small, friendly and tightly knit class all doing their best to extract full measure and value from the process. Finally I found the subject surprisingly challenging and satisfying while providing much food for thought; a very good basis for entering the profession.

Bill Pulford (Computer Scientist) Oxford

Nigel Chapman Testimonials

I found the mediation course challenging and highly focused. The in-depth analysis and feedback of the practical exercises was exceptional. Thank you for the inspiring and confidence boosting start to this exciting new opportunity.

Nigel Chapman (Crown Prosecutor) Leicester


I have completed Align’s one week Civil/Commercial Mediation course in Oxford. I can highly recommend it. The trainer was fantastic and the size of the group (nine) was just the right number. The days had a perfect mix of lectures combined with role plays and breaks. The content of the course was very interesting and not only will it benefit me in my career as a mediator but also on a personal level too. I would strongly recommend anyone looking to do a course in Mediation to choose Align.

Faye Davis-Carrau (MET Police Officer) Bedfordshire

I would highly recommend the 5 day Align Mediation training course. The teaching and content is excellent with a lot of practical exercises during the week to boost practical skills in addition to a vast amount of useful information about the mediation sector as a whole

Daniel Ivanov (Law Student) London

Align Mediation’s 5 day training course was a positive and informative course. The trainer was experienced, exceptional and engaging. Thank you.

Kim Sutton (Community Worker & Advisor) Bath

Align Mediation’s course which I attended in August 2016 was an excellent experience. It was highly informative and a real career changer for many in the group. We had great participants on the course and the tutor was highly professional and well experienced in his field which was a huge bonus to our confidence in electing to choose a career in mediation. I wish Align Mediation all the best in continuing to provide an excellent mediation course.

Raja Ali (Business Owner) London

Are you thinking about becoming a Mediator? Align Mediation will offer you unparalleled, quality in depth training, support when you need it and a bright future for your career.

Donna Robinson (Public Speaker) Cheshire

I would recommend Align Mediation if you are considering training to be a mediator. Their course content and delivery is excellent.

Nick Carr (Barrister) York


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